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Watch calves feeding on MilkBar feeders! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlzAKjFK280

New shape makes the Milk Bar 10 easier to train newborn calves, yet still interstack for easy handling, transporting and storage. Holds up to 60 litres to feed 10 calves at a time. Features award winning Ezi Lock Hooks that allows you to hang the Milk Bar 10 on any rail size from wire up to 75mm and lock in place. The compact size, light weight for easy movement from pen to pen, and easy clean features make the Milk Bar 10 a favourite with calf rearers world wide. Dimensions: 850mm long X 460mm wide X 430mm high. Weight 6kg

Allows you to feed up to 30 calves outside with no extra expense. You can carry 2 or 3 Milk Bar 10's out into a pasture in a trailer or on a tractor. You then hook them onto the trailer sides and rear and fill with milk. When the calves have fed, the feeders are placed back on the vehicle. With this method the calves don't try to follow the vehicle out the gate as the teats are hidden from their view. This saves capital as you use the same feeders as you use to in the calf shed.

Saves you $$. As the Milk Bar 10 is so portable, you don't need a feeder for each pen. 1 Milk Bar 10 for each 3 or 4 pens is a good indication of the number required for efficient feeding.

Saves you time. One person can feed 200 calves in 30 minutes with 5 Milk Bar 10's, and still have time to check the calves, give them fresh pellets, and check their water troughs.

Easy cleaning. The Milk Bar 10 is washed like a bucket, and the teats "milked" to clean them. We recommend using warm water and an alkali dairy detergent. Milk Bar Teats do not need to be removed from the feeder for cleaning.

The ideal rail height for the Milk Bar 10 is 90cm (3 ft) above the ground. This gets the teats 60cm (2 ft) above the ground, which our trials have shown is the ideal teat height as it is close to the natural feeding height for calves.

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