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 Fresh Goat Cheese Making Kit

Fresh Goat Cheese Making Kit

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Product Details:
Our Fresh Goat Cheesemaking Kit is what you need to make delicious home made goat cheeses

Now you can make can make your very own additive and preservative-free cheeses right at home in your own kitchen.

Fresh Goat Cheese Kit Includes

Four Polyethylene Goat Cheese Molds
1/2 oz Liquid Rennet
Chevre Cheese Starter
Fresh Cheese Starter
1 Yard Reusable Cheesecloth
Recipe Booklet

This kit makes up to 30 pounds of cheeses!

also contains malto dextrin

Instructions; Heat 1 gallon pasteurized milk to 86 degrees F. add and mix in 1 packet. let set at room temp undisturbed for 12 hours or until thickened. (as in yogurt) Ladle curd gently into a butter muslin lined colander, hang, & drain for 12 hours. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Each packet may be used with 1 gallon of milk.

Recipe book and DVD available

Store unused packets in the freezer!

Replacement culture available at link below
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