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Pulstar Pulsator by NuPulse Choice of Single or dual

Pulstar Pulsator by NuPulse Choice of Single or dual
SKU 505-10059NP
Our price: $109.00
Choose Single or Double outlet
Pulstar Pulsator

* vacuum operated pulsator
* adjustable pulsation
* works with any conventional claw
* only 4 moving parts, dependable, low maintenance
* adapters available for all major brands of stallcocks
* available in single or dual outlet

Available in both dual and single units (choose above)

(spare parts kit at link below)

the vacuum operated PULSTAR pulsator provides a technically sound and low cost alternative to electronic and pneumatic

There is no worry about electrical contacts or wiring for the pulsators or sticking slide mechanisms. This is not only less irritating to you, but it is also better for your
cows. With positive, reliable pulsation, milking is faster and udder health is improved.

The PULSTAR is very simple having only 3 moving parts and no lubrication is required. If it is accidentally dropped in the gutter, not to worry, unscrew the cap with a 1/4 turn and hose it out. Water does not hurt the PULSTAR.

Aside from normal cleaning, scheduled maintenance is recommended at 2,000 hour intervals or annually whichever occurs first. Pulsator Repair Kits are available to
replace all wearing parts and can be installed without special training or tools.

The clear dome allows full view of the pulsator mechanism so if something happened to foul the unit it would be immediately apparent. Getting the unit back into operation is as simple as removing the dome and components to spot the problem and correct it.

PULSTAR pulsators will work with any milker unit and on any system. They can be installed one at a time with existing pulsators, so the cost can be spread out over time.

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