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2 Sheep GEA TopFlow Z Bucket Milker (2 options) Best In Class

2 Sheep GEA TopFlow Z Bucket Milker (2 options)  Best In Class
50/50 Sheep Pulsator Long Life LL90 Hamby 2 Sheep Milking lid Hamby 2 Sheep Milking lid bottom view Top Flow Z Sheep Milking assy 50# 5 gallon Grade A approved poly milking bucket 55# 6 gallon SS Milking Machine bucket
SKU 1277
Weight 24.00 lbs
Our price: $795.00
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TopFlow Z commercial duty bucket milker. Excellent for high volume fast milking dairy sheep. Stable teat end vacuum. Easy to handle. Popular shutoff built in to each milking assembly.

Rugged. Long Lasting liners.

For milking 2 sheep at a time.

Features Best In Class GEA WestfaliaSurge TopFlow Z sheep milking units and Interpuls workhorse; LL90 pulsator. - 50/50 ratio made just for sheep milking

Grade A approved for USA and Canada

Choose bucket style:

Large Stainless Steel Bucket

Grade A quality - made from 304 seamless stainless steel. One piece design has no inside seams for bacteria to hide in. Extra handle on bottom makes pouring easy. Raised heavy duty base protects the bucket bottom. – Capacity is about 6 gallon. Dimensions; 18.5 inches high x 13 inch diameter at bottom. Optional 1085 bucket hanger is recommended (see below)

Medium plastic Eco-Bucket

Lightweight and semi- transparent so you can see the milk level means less tendency to run over your bucket. Grade A approved Eco-Bucket is made of translucent FDA-approved material. It features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping. Stainless steel locking handle, and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kg. Capacity is about 5 gallon. Dimensions; 15 inches high x 15 inch diameter at bottom.

Select bucket style above.

Built with quality components;

Silicone milk hose provides 3 feet from the udder to the bucket lid.

- Stays flexible in cold weather.

- Temperature Rating: -80ºF to +500ºF

- Silicone milk tubing is sanitary and due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure silicone resins, unaffected by milk fat, bacteria or cleaning chemicals. Silicone has a longer life than other types of milk tubing when used with care. Preferred by many raw milk producers.

Interpuls Long Life pulsator - adjustable speed up to 180 ppm. Low maintenance. Not affected by temperature. User serviceable. Made from Stainless steel, nylon and silicone components.

Stainless Steel lid designed specifically for goat milking.

- Easy to Use and easy to clean.

- Hamby's lid has 2 inlets so you can milk 2 sheep via individual hoses into one pail. This provides better vacuum than alternative homemade adaptations that use clumsy hard to clean T's in the milk lines.

- Less milk gets in your pulsator. Hamby's milk inlet tubes extend beyond the bottom surface of the lid. This reduces milk getting back to the pulsator - extending pulsator life and reducing down time for maintenance. see photo of bottom of lid. the milk inlet tubes are gently sloped so your hoses will hang properly and not kink when milking two goats or sheep.

- Extra Strong. Hamby's Lid sides come down past the top of your bucket. Older lid designs were virtually flat on top. Our design takes more stainless steel to manufacture but it makes for a stronger lid and reduces the chance of the lid bending or warping from the occasional drop on the floor.

- Pure 304 Stainless Steel. Finished to a highly smooth and polished surface. The same grade of stainless steel used in dairy processing factories, wineries and breweries in North America.

- Hooks for hanging the milker unit while not in use. Keeps the milkers off the dirty floor or milk stand. Hooks are made of stainless steel (see photo)

Assembled in USA by Hamby Dairy Supply

Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA

Note: Vacuum supply is required and not included. See links below

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