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Improved Hamby Cow Bucket Milker with Grade A stainless steel bucket

Improved Hamby Cow Bucket Milker with Grade A stainless steel bucket
Hamby Cow Bucket Milker Hamby Cow Bucket Milker Hamby Cow Bucket Milker Lid and Vacuum Hose detail Lid - Milk Hose and Pulsator hose detail Lid - Bottom view easy to clean.  no pulsator hole 65# Stainless Steel Milking Machine Bucket
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Weight 24.00 lbs
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Milk one cow at a time with this bucket milker. 

** Vacuum supply required but not included.** 

Improved model features these upgrades; 

- No hole under the pulsator! The pulsator and bucket vacuum supply are split eliminating the hole under the pulsator. The benefit is this design is easier to clean. No milk in the pulsator even if you tip the bucket. (see detail images) 

- Long life GEA Vacupuls pulsator has the speed rate permanently set at 60. This commercial pulsator is used worldwide. 10s of thousands of cows are milked every day with the GEA Vacupuls pulsator. Proven design with 40 year history. 

- Silicone Milk Hose is the safest purest milk hose available. Longer life than plastic hose. 

- Smaller Milking unit is easier to handle, but large enough capacity for safe fast milking. 

- 06 shells and natural rubber liners. #1 shell / liner design used worldwide. Provide fast gentle cow milking. 

Excellent choice for family cow, homesteaders, or commercial dairy farms to milk their fresh cows. 


7 gallon Grade A Stainless Steel bucket & lid 

Improved Flo View style milking unit with larger capacity than the original. Milker unit now has popular plug style shut off similar to those used by Delaval, Waikato and Westfalia. Comes with Grade A silicone milk hose, clear pulsation hose. 

Repair parts for all components are in stock available from Hamby Dairy Supply. 

You will need a vacuum supply to make this a complete milking machine 

Add this unit to our 1 cow system to upgrade to a 2 cow bucket system. 

1085 bucket hanger recommended but not included 

Replacement parts, vacuum hose and bucket hanger are listed below.

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