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PEROXYSAN-RS™ Sanitizer 55 gallon drum

PEROXYSAN-RS™  Sanitizer   55 gallon drum
Features and Benefits PeroxySan-RS Registered Sanitizer Directions for Use PeroxySan-RS Registered Sanitizer
SKU 7751-0040-825
Weight 501.00 lbs
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Our price: $1488.70
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E.P.A. registered Sanitizer

LTL pallet shipping only due to corrosive labeling

53 gallon fill

***special order with a 2 week lead time***

Registered in the U.S.A., under stringent EPA guidelines, to ensure the thorough sanitization of milking equipment for optimal milk quality.

Sanitizing Power - Peracetic acid-based C.I.P. sanitizer (Peroxyacetic acid + Hydrogen peroxide) provides an even stronger oxidizing potential than Chlorine or Chlorine dioxide. Significantly reduces the number of bacteria in the milking system. Effective in water up to 400 ppm hardness (approximately 23 grains).

No Foam Build-Up - PeroxySan-RS can be used effectively with no foam build-up in tanks, lines, and pumps.

Biofilm Removal - Effective versus biofilms and rinses free with no residues.

Versatile Uses - Can be used for bottle washing; or for backflushing of liners with no effect on liner life using at 50-80 ppm).

Organic-Friendly - Can be used on organic dairies as an effective aid against Staph. aureus, E. coli, Salmonella choleraesius and Listeria momocytogenes.

Biodegradable - PeroxySan-RS degrades to Carbon dioxide and water with no lasting effect on soil quality.

Increased Equipment Life - Safe on metal surfaces and non-corrosive to stainless steel when used as directed.

501 pounds + pallet

also available in larger size - see links below

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