1 Mini Goat / Nigerian GEA Bucket Milker - Best Quality

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GEA WestfaliaSurge


GEA WestfaliaSurge Mini Goat Bucket Milker 

Practical teat cup design is user friendly for the humans and provides fast gentle milking for goats with very small teats. 

Sliding on the teat cups (liners) causes the vacuum to switch on automatically in one quick easy step with almost no air loss. Exclusive GEA valve technology ensures that the vacuum supply will be immediately stopped should the liners fall off. 

Direct ventilation at the teat cup allows in a small amount of air to push the milk continuously through the silicone milk hoses to the bucket. This maintains a stable teat end vacuum. Even at high milk flow rates, there is an uninterrupted, smooth flow of milk to protect the udder health of the sheep. 

The transparent design of the silicone liners, the clear shells and opaque silicone milk hoses allow continuous visual monitoring. 

Low-vacuum fast milk out for optimum udder health. 

Single Teat goats can easily be milked with the GEA TopFlow milking unit. 

Best Quality Stainless Steel Milking Bucket is highly polished and features a special bottom design which gives extra stability and convenience. Seven raised sections around the bottom of the bucket make the resting base solid and sturdy while protecting the body of the bucket by keeping it up away from the floor. Design makes handling and emptying the bucket easy. 

Bucket has an extra thickness of stainless steel at the bottom, a brushed finish detail at the shoulder and a bottom hand grip. 

Bucket capacity is 50 lbs, 24 US quarts, 23 liters. 

The stainless steel lid is specially designed so the GEA Vacupuls pulsator gets its vacuum source directly from the vaccum system. Other bucket milking designs have a hole in the lid for the pulsator to access vacuum. The GEA Vacupuls design eliminates those extra crevices and fittings that can be a challenge to keep sanitary. See detail images for closeup of lid top and bottom and pulsator vacuum source. 

GEA Vacupuls Pulsator - Tough. Reliable. Designed specifically for goats. Constant — 90 ppm rate and 60/40 ratios not affected by system 
vacuum levels. Simple — easy to maintain. Hundreds of thousands sold globally — Decades of farm use prove the reliability of GEA Vacupuls. 

GEA Mini Goat Bucket Milker is assembled in the USA by Hamby Dairy Supply. 

Sold by and Ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA. 

1 year warranty 

Vacuum System required. Conde Pump at link below is recommended.