134 Express Dehorner

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Gas Powered Portable Dehorner

134 Express Dehorner is portable, easy to handle, safe, fast and efficient.

  • Customer Favorite - Great Feedback
  • Compact, ergonomically-design 
  • Fueled by a butane/propane mix in a handy cartridge that fits into the handle
  • Cordless - no cords or bulky propane tanks are required.
  • Features automatic piezo ignition
  • Totally enclosed combustion chamber for safety.
  • Working temperature in 3 minutes
  • Temperatures up to 1100 F.
  • One fuel cartridge provides enough dehorning power for 2 to 5 hours depending on outside temperature.
  • Constructed for heavy use
  • Dehorn calves up to 10 weeks of age
  • Weighs only 2 lbs. 
  • May also be used for cauterizing, such as after tail docking.

Dehorner ships complete with 2 fuel cartridges, a 3/4" tip, detailed instructions and a carrying case. 


Spare Parts;

9445 Fuel Gas Cartridge for Express Dehorners  Fits model 134, 144, 9134, 9144 dehorners

5/8" (15mm) disbudding tip for Express Dehorner 11115

3/4" (20mm) disbudding tip for Express Dehorner 11120

1" (25mm) disbudding tip for Express Dehorner 11125


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