2 Goat Nupulse Bucket Milker (4 options)

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Goat Milking Bucket Assembly without vacuum pump


Milk 2 goats at a time with this NuPulse bucket milker. 

Choose bucket style: 

Large Stainless Steel Bucket 

Grade A quality - made from 304 seamless stainless steel. One piece design has no inside seams for bacteria to hide in. Extra handle on bottom makes pouring easy. Raised heavy duty base protects the bucket bottom. – Capacity is about 6 gallon. Dimensions; 18.5 inches high x 13 inch diameter at bottom. Optional 30159 bucket hanger is recommended (see below) 

Large plastic Eco-Bucket 

Lightweight and semi- transparent so you can see the milk level means less tendency to run over your bucket. Grade A approved Eco-Bucket is made of translucent FDA-approved material. It features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping. Stainless steel locking handle, and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kg. Capacity is about 7 gallon. Dimensions; 17 inches high x 15 inch diameter at bottom. 

Select bucket style above. 

Choice of silicone milk hose as shown or NuPulse original black rubber milk hose. Hoses provide 3 feet from the goat udder to the bucket lid. 

Silicone milk hose comes with inline stainless steel shutoffs as shown: 

- Stays flexible in cold weather. 

- Temperature Rating: -80ºF to +500ºF 

- Silicone milk tubing is sanitary and due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure silicone resins, unaffected by milk fat, bacteria or cleaning chemicals. Silicone has a longer life than other types of milk tubing when used with care. Preferred by many raw milk producers. 

NuPulse rubber milk hose comes with clamp style shutoffs. 

Select hose style above. Option pricing is displayed when choice is made. 

Lid has NuPulse standard nipples for 5/8 milk and vacuum. You will need a 5/8 vacuum hose to use with the NuPulse 41000 vacuum pump. For other vacuum sources using traditional stallcocks, you will need hose reducer 514-527 (see below) 

Assembled in USA by Hamby Dairy Supply 

Vacuum Pump not included but required. 41000 or 70100 recommended. 

NuPulse washer recommended (see below)