4 7/8 X 33.5 Milk Check® Filter Socks (600)

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case of 600 (4 x box of 150 shown in photo)
Milk Filter Socks - One end is sewn shut

The micro sized pores in the fabric used are evenly distributed to provide superior filtration without stressing milk pumps.
Milk Check filters are made of randomly laid, single-ply polyester fabric that provides a high wet strength. The sonically-welded seams eliminate the need for resins or stitching commonly used in competitive filters.
* Micro-sized pores and fiber dispersion result in better filtration and a fast flow rate
* Finer pores keep contaminants out of bulk tanks when sand is used for bedding
* Lack of resins offers greater purity
Milk Check filters do not contain any resin or glue.
Made in USA by Kleen Test Products
Fits milk filter dispenser shown below. (a spacer is needed to use these dispensers)
Note;  For Sanitary reasons, Milk Filters are not returnable.  Order with confidence, that the filters we send you have not been shipped to another farm, and then returned