4 Sheep ITP 205 Bucket Milker Complete system with wash package Free Shipping

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Milk 4 sheep at a time with this complete package.


Milk 4 sheep at a time with this Interpuls ITP205 bucket milker. Complete system includes stationary pump, 2x bucket assy for 2 sheep and all the supplies needed for washing the milking machine and prepping the udder.

the pump is large enough to add another bucket in the future

DIY! Some assembly required including installing your own pvc vaccum line.

ITP 205 semi automatic goat claws allow individual milking of each teat. If the sheep kicks off the milker, the unit shuts off automatically preventing sucking up debris into your milk. ITP 205 claws also reduce air loss while attaching the milker, making them ideal for portable milkers. Unhealthy teats can be isolated during milking. Easy to inspect for cleaning and maintenance.

Excellent choice for small hobby farm


(2) Bucket milker assemblies each milking 2 sheep, stationary vacuum pump, washing equipment and supplies plus supplies for udder care

6 gallon Grade A Stainless Steel bucket (Plastic Eco bucket can be substituted)

Silicone Inflations for Sheep

Built with quality components;

LL90 Long Life Interpuls pulsator. 50/50 milk to rest ratio specifically for sheep milking. Made in Italy by Interpuls. Speed is adjustable. Runs for years without needing to be rebuilt. Made from Stainless steel, nylon and silicone components. Not affected by temperature. (Pulsator carries a 2 year warranty)

Stainless Steel lid designed specifically for milking 2 sheep at a time.

Conde 2 hp vacuum pump and steel balance tank (see the vacuum pump package link below) this pump is large enough to handle another bucket in the future

Installation kit includes stallcocks, pulsator mounts, pvc hangers, 2 vacuum gauges and vacuum line drain. (you will need to provide sch 40 pvc pipe and fittings for the vacuum lines)

Bucket washer for milker claws, two wash sinks for buckets and claws. brushes and detergent for cleaning. Local pickup available. Free Shipping to 48 USA states

Udder health kit includes tools for checking your milk and sanitizing the udder before and after milking. A strip cup for checking the milk for mastitis and a gallon of WestfaliaSurge teat dip. Our #1 selling teat dip, Teat Kote® 10/III is a 1% Iodine teat dip, formulated with a 10% emollient system which includes glycerin, lanolin and a special therapeutic ingredient for superior skin conditioning. A dip cup is included for applying the TeatKote 10/III before and after milking.

MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES A cleansing disinfecting wipe for pre-milking teat preparation. Wipes are thick, durable and gentle, measuring 8 in. x 8 in. One bucket of 700 Milk Check brand teat wipes.

Use teat wipes for prepping your goat's udder, prior to milking. also useful for sanitizing milkers hands.

This Milker is ideal for use every day at home for a small herd of dairy sheep.

Individual components are available at links below. read more details about each component at links below. Excellent value.

Detailed Instruction book is included including supplies and replacement parts re-order guide.

1 year warranty. this package is made from new and rebuilt components. The milking system meets U.S. FDA standards for Grade A milking.

Free Shipping via freight truck to any of the 48 states. Shipping to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska is available (call 1 800 306 8937 for quote)

Sold by and ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri. Local pickup available by appointment.