6.5 Disc KleenTest Milk Filters - box of 300 1

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52-0612 1
Qty 300. Kleen Test round milk filters.
Kleen Test 6.5 inch Round Milk filters Made of randomly laid, single-ply polyester fabric that provides a high wet strength. Sonically-welded seams eliminate the need for resins or stitching. * Micro-sized pores and fiber dispersion result in better filtration and a fast flow rate * Finer pores keep contaminants out of bulk tanks when sand is used for bedding * Lack of resins offers greater purity * Available in various sizes of tubes, disks and socks. Search for Kleen Test * Discount on case of 12 boxes (3600 filters) UPS or USPS priority mail shipping. 1 box ships in a Priority Mail Box 4 x 7 x 14 inch Made in USA by Kleen Test Products Fits our strainer kit shown in link below