Basic Supply Package for Cow Bucket Milking Machines

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DIY Special (Note this package comes with Hamby Dairy Supply complete cow milking machines. see links below) Order all the supplies you need to clean your cow milking machine and take care of the udder in one package. Includes 25 pound pail of Pfanzite Dairy brushes made just for cleaning milking machines Strip Cup for checking fore-milk CMT Kit for checking for sub-clinical mastitis Teat Wipes for udder prep 1 gallon Surge Teat Dip for post dipping after milking Special Teat Dip applicator cup These items come with Hamby Dairy Supply cow milking machines. (Note; long handle brush shown at left does not come with Surge Bucket Milker but is included with taller floor pail style milkers) 58 pounds. Ships oversize. All items available individually.