Bucket Washer with 6 Nipples

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Our bucket washer package cleans your milker claw and milk hoses with out disassembly. Best quality we can find.   


The Hamby package includes an extra vacuum hose, adapter reducers to the vacuum hose and extra outlet pipe covers for when you might only be milking one at a time.  $20 more accessories and free shipping.  That is a good value!

Bucket washer cleans your milker claw and milk hoses with out disassembly.

watch the video on youtube - see link below

Works with Hamby cow milkers; Clear Top, Kleen Flo, Waikato, Westfalia Classic 300. Delaval cow milker, Ezee Kleen Flo 300, Coburn portamilker, Parts Dept, and BouMatic bucket milkers


Works with Hamby goat milkers; GEA Top FLow z, Vanguard, ITP style. Delaval style ss goat milkers, Interpuls, Caprine Supply, EZEE, and Parts Dept.


For use with 5/8 I.D. milk hoses.


also for use with 1/2 inch I.D. vacuum hoses when used with our 7527 adaptor (see link below)


Not compatible with Surge Bucket Milker, NuPulse or Hoegger goat milker.


Simply remove milk hose from lid, attach to washer on wall; turn on vacuum. It automatically draws up and releases the wash solution through the milker units. Works for cow, goat, and sheep bucket milkers.


This washer will handle up to 6 milker units (claws). the milk hose nipples are 5/8. (8 unit washer also available)


A reducer adaptor is included to wash your vacuum hose. It is recomended to have a spare vacuum hose and alternate them so they can be washed with this washer. The reducer goes from 5/8 to 1/2 inch to allow hooking up the 1/2 inch ID vacuum hose.


You will need a small sink to hold the milker units and wash solutions. You will also need a vacuum source and stall cock. Vacuum supply is 1/2 inch, the same size tubing that hooks your bucket milker to the stallcock.


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Parts interchange with Bender washers (except top vacuum screw)


Scroll down for Spare Parts;


Note the drain assy uses the 1/2 inch ID milk hose shown below. order the appropriate length (2 feet ships with a new washer)