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A ready to use blend of Ca, Mg, K, Vitamin D, B complex vitamins and propylene glycol.
For use as a high calcium nutritional supplement for dairy cattle during calving.
Cal-Gel is a specially formulated mineral supplement for use in dairy cows. It is used as an aid to help maintain normal calcium levels during stressful prepartum and postpartum periods. Tube fits in a standard caulking gun for administering Cal-Gel has been used for over 20 years in Scandinavian dairies. A Swedish study has demonstrated that the reoccurrence of milk fever can be lowered by 50% with the oral dosing of a calcium chloride gel. Each 300 ml cartridge, one dose, contains 53 gm of calcium plus magnesium chloride.
No milk hold or slaughter hold.
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Jorvet J-294
- not For Human Use -
Keep Out Of Reach Of Children
For Animal Use Only