Clear Top 4 cow Bucket Milker Complete system with wash package

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Milk 4 cows at a time with this complete package. Claw washer, sinks, supplies included


Stainless Steel Bucket Milker for Cows includes vacuum supplier and all supplies needed to milk wash and take care of the cows udder.

Milk 4 cows at a time with this complete bucket milker package


Excellent choice for family cow, homesteaders, or small commercial dairy farms.


4 - 7 gallon Grade A Stainless Steel buckets & lids

Clear Top Orbit 6900 Milking Unit. You can see through the TOP of the milker - so you can actually see the milk flowing from all 4 quarters! No guessing when she is finished milking.

The Orbit 6900 gives you the excellent visibility to see all 4 quarters milking from any view. Comes with silicone milk tubing - preferred by many family cow and raw milk enthusiasts.

Stable vacuum for fast gentle milking. If the top gets damaged, simply replace it and it will milk just like it did the first day it was new. (Stainless steel top milkers often get bent nipples and never milk the same again - causing expensive replacement)

Interpuls long life pulsator adjustable speed

Conde 2 hp vacuum system (see bottom photo below)

Cleaning package includes claw/hose washer, 2 sinks, wall mount mixing faucet, 3 brushes and Duophan powder dairy detergent. Plus Citrophos acid detergent/rinse for removing milk stone.

Spare parts kit includes extra inflations and short air tubes

Installation kit includes 5 stallcocks, pvc hangers, 2nd vacuum gauge and vacuum line drain. (you will need to provide sch 40 pvc pipe and fittings for the vacuum lines)

Udder health kit includes tools for checking your milk and sanitizing the udder before and after milking.. A strip cup for checking the milk for mastitis, a CMT test kit for checking for udder infections, and 5 gallon of WestfaliaSurge teat dip. Our #1 selling teat dip, Teat Kote® 10/III is a 1% Iodine teat dip, formulated with a 10% emollient system which includes glycerin, lanolin and a special therapeutic ingredient for superior skin conditioning. A dip cup is included for applying the TeatKote 10/III before and after milking.

MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES A cleansing disinfecting wipe for pre-milking teat preparation. Wipes are thick, durable and gentle, measuring 8 in. x 8 in. One bucket of 700 Milk Check brand teat wipes.

Use teat wipes for prepping your cow, prior to milking. also useful for sanitizing milkers hands.

This Milker is ideal for use every day at home for a small herd of dairy cows.

Detailed Instruction book is included including supplies and replacement parts re-order guide.

1 year warranty.

Shipping via freight truck to any of the 48 states. Shipping to Canada, Hawaii and Alaska is available (call 1 800 306 8937 for quote)

You can pick up this item at our warehouse in Maysville Missouri