CMT Test Kit - Ready to Use - No Mixing

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CMT Test Kit - Ready to Use!  No mixing required
Simple.  Fast. Easy to Use. Excellent tool for finding sub clinical mastitis.
Determines some mastitis udder infections before there is a visible change in the milk.
Complete kit includes paddle, ready to use reagent liquid, dispenser bottle.
This kit tests for sub-clinical infection of the udder. The California Mastitis Test (CMT) is an easy, accurate and inexpensive cow-side mastitis test. Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction.
The first three squirts of the milk which is full of cells and bacteria are discarded.
Step 1
Milk a few squirts from each quarter to its own separate cup on the paddle about 1 teaspoon (2 cc) of milk 
Step 2
Add an equal amount of CMT solution to each cup in the paddle.
Step 3
Rotate the CMT Paddle in a circular motion to thoroughly mix the contents. Do not mix more than 10 seconds.
Step 4
Read the test quickly. Most accurate results are between 10 and 20 seconds after applying the CMT test liquid.
Visible reaction disintegrates after about 20 seconds
The more gel formation, the higher the infection rate.  From The color and texture of the resulting gel mixture you can deduce the possible inflammation of the udder quarter.
if no change in viscosity, then the milk has low amount of somatic cells.  The higher the cell count, the thicker the solution will become. 
After use, empty the CMT Paddle and rinse well with clean water.
Older cows tend to have more positive tests than younger cows. 

Factors other than udder infection that tend to increase leukocyte numbers and to increase CMT reactions include:

  • Positive reaction one to two weeks following treatment.
  • Very early (colostrum) and late lactation.
  • Teat end injury.
  • Fluctuating and irregular milking vacuum.
  • Injury to the udder.
  • Periods of estrus.
  • Abnormal health of cow such as foot rot or uterine infection.

Kit assembled at Hamby Dairy Supply.  Reagent Made in Germany
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