Commercial Supply Package for Cow Bucket Milking Machines

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DIY Special Order all the supplies you need to clean your cow milking machine and take care of the udder in one package.
This package includes Citrophos Acid Cleaner and larger containers of our other supplies
  • 25 pound pail of Pfanzite alkaline powder detergent
  • 5 gallon pail of Citrophos Acid Detergent
  • 3 Dairy brushes made just for cleaning milking machines
  • Strip Cup for checking fore-milk
  • CMT Kit for checking for sub-clinical mastitis
  • Teat Wipes for udder prep (pail of 700)
  • 5 gallon pail Surge Astro-tek Barrier Teat Dip for post dipping after milking
  • Special Teat Dip applicator cup
  • 2 spigots for dispensing Teat dip and Citrophos
220 pounds. Ships on a pallet LTL Freight only. Acid detergent has a corrosive label and can not be shipped via UPS or US Post Office
(Note photo shows a 1 gallon jug of teat dip. Package actually includes a 5 gallon pail of Astro-tek Barrier Post dip)
LTL shipping to the 48 lower states
All items available individually.