Commercial Supply Package for Goat & Sheep Bucket Milking Machines

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Ships on a pallet LTL Freight only
DIY Special Order all the supplies you need to clean your goat milking machine and take care of the udder in one package.
Package includes;  
7751-0041-074  - 45 pound pail of DuoPfan alkaline powder detergent - non sudsing - (in place of Pfanzite that is pictured)
7751-0040-185  - 5 gallon pail of Citrophos Acid Detergent 3 Dairy brushes made just for cleaning milking machines
3 brushes specifically designed for milking machines
7751-0074-782  - 5 gallon pail Surge Astro-tek Barrier Teat Dip for post dipping after milking
Special Teat Dip applicator cup
5070 Milk Check Teat Wipes
2 spigots for dispensing Teat dip
Strip Cup for checking fore-milk Teat Wipes for udder prep (pail of 700)
260 pounds. Ships on a pallet LTL Freight only. Acid detergent has a corrosive label and can not be shipped via UPS or US Post Office 
All items available individually.