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More effective mastitis protection
Gentle! DRY-OFF is latex based, and gentle to the cows teats and the milkers hands. Wash it off with water while it is wet or peel it right off after it dries with no pain or discomfort. Our product will not make your cows kick like some competitors products that are solvent based. Durable! Proven to stay on for 5 to 9 days in real farm tests on cows teats Effective! DRY-OFF is proven to reduce cases of mastitis and high somatic cell counts during the dry period.* Contains an effective Germicide to kill bacteria on the teat skin while the latex seals the teat to protect from invading mastitis causing organisms during the critical first few days of the dry period. 1 pint *New udder infections early in the dry period occur at six times the rate during lactation.
Easy to Use. After the last milking, simply apply one of our sanitizing Post Teat Dip products (IE Teat Kote 10/III or similar),wait 30 seconds, wipe dry with a single clean paper towel. Then infuse each quarter with a Dry Cow treatment (IE Tom morrow, Albadry or similar) per manufacture directions. Then, dip the entire length of each teat in DRY-OFF. For additional protection, dip each teat a second time after the first application has dried (about 15 minutes)