Econo Goat Milking Unit

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Econo goat assy
Replacement for Parts Dept and Caprine Supply milking assemblies Includes rubber goat liners / inflations, clear plastic shells, short milk hoses, milk Y, pulsation Y, and hose holder. Features our replacement for the ITP 200 / Quickie style claw. This unit has smaller porting than the ITP 205/207 sold in our other kits. Includes GRADE A plastic milk hose - NO RUBBER HOSES on our milking assemblies. Option1: You can add individual green & blue shutoff valves for those who sanitize inflations between goats. Choose the 1/2 inch size Option 2: Add an appropriate amount of Milk / pulsation hose to get from the Y's to the bucket lid or pipeline. This unit works with Hamby Dairy Supply clear buckets, stainless steel buckets and pipeline milking systems. Not compatible with Surge bucket milkers or Hoegger milking machines. Grade A approved in USA and Canada.