INFLATION (Liner) Medium Bore Mag 203 replaces MAES 282 - set of 4

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Replacement for MAES brand 282 inflations.
Set of 4
Fits the Surge C Bucket shell.
Maes brand is no longer made.  This replacement is Coburn MagnaFlex 203
Mag 203 Surge-Style Medium Bore liner replaces 10052 and 10084 liners for Surge shell as shown in detail picture
also replaces Maes  and Milkrite Style A-S M282 
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Made In USA
Maes is a trademark of Coburn Company
Coburn Maes Magnaflex inflation
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Hamby Dairy Supply LLC has the largest stock of Spare Parts for the Surge Bucket Milker.
Note,  Inflation Liners are not returnable to insure prevention of cross contamination from one farm to another.