Interpuls Pulsator Kit with New Surge Lid for cow milking

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Please order kit 4320 or 4321u with a used lid
Upgrade Kit - Interpuls Pulsator with 4 outlets for Surge Bucket Milker.
You will like this pulsator. No need to rebuild or work on it every few months like your original Surge pulsator. Long life. Little maintenance. New Lid and gasket included!
Interpuls brand pulsator is made from Silicone, Nylon, and stainless steel components - NO Brass and no parts that rust!
60/40 ratio adjustable speed.
Kit includes: New 'C' lid with new 1047 gasket, New Interpuls 4 outlet Pulsator 60/40 for cow milking, mounting adaptor and O-ring.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. If the bucket has a Surge logo, our lid will fit.
Kit is also available with out the lid - item 4320