KETO GEL 310 gram tube

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Keto-Gel A high energy gel packed with vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals.
Used as an aid to help maintain normal blood glucose (sugar) levels during stress periods when Ketosis (acetonemia) often develops.
Provides a rapidly absorbed source of energy, plus selected vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals that play an integral part in preventing ketosis, or aiding in the recovery from ketosis.
Energy - provides 290 gm of propylene glycol. This is rapidly absorbed directly from the rumen and is a critical building block for blood glucose. Vitamins A (40,000U), D (10,000U) and E (100U) - Ruminants have an increased need for these vitamins during periods of stress. Niacin (6 gm), Chlorine (6 gm) and Methionine (5 gm), Cobalt
Oral use only -  Veterinary Use only
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