Kleen-Flo Cow Bucket Milker

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this milker uses a claw common to commercial cow milking parlors and is a good choice for fresh cows on commercial dairy farms.

Milk one cow at a time with this bucket milker.  (vacuum supplier is not included) Click thumbnail photo for more details and 6 larger pictures

**Vacuum supply required but not included.** 

Add this unit to our 1 cow system to upgrade to a 2 cow bucket system. 


Choice of Grade A Stainless Steel buckets; 7 gallon or 6 gallon or 3.5 gallon. The small 3.5 gallon is not recommended for most cows because of the risk of running the bucket over. if your cow gives more than 2 gallon at her peak milking on the best day of the year, then you should order a larger bucket. 

Kleen Flo 300 Cow Milking Unit. Sized right in between the Delaval Flo-view and Super Flo-View claws. the right weight and nipple spacing to milk out today's higher producing cows. Very easy to handle sloped plastic bottom fits your hand well and moves the milk out quickly for stable teat end vacuum. Shut off is built into bottom of the milker unit in a style similar to the newer Delaval, Westfalia and Waikato milking units. 

Available with Jet Flo style shells as shown or choice of 06 style shells or Bou-Matic style shells 

Interpuls vacuum pulsator with a 2 year warranty on pulsator. 

Repair parts for all components are in stock available from Hamby Dairy Supply. 

Compare these features and benefits: 

- High Quality bucket made from 304 stainless steel 
- Long life Silicone Milk Hose designed for raw milk. Silicone is tasteless, odorless, and is not affected by butterfat, bacteria or dairy cleaning solutions. 
- Best Quality long life Interpuls pulsator (not copies like others use) 
- Kleen-Flo 300 is one of the most popular milker units found on commercial dairy farms today. 

1 year warranty (2 years on the Interpuls pulsator) 

You will need a vacuum supply to make this a complete milking machine 

1085 bucket hanger recommended but not included 

Replacement parts, vacuum hose and bucket hanger are listed below.