Large 9 gallon Stainless Steel Storage & Transport Bucket

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Transport or Storage Bucket with Cover made from 304 stainless steel Click photo for 5 pictures and more details
Hamby Dairy Supply sku 30-80ST Stainless Steel Storage & Transport Bucket Capacity: 80 pound 9 gallon 36 liters Top OD is 7 3/4" (195cm) Top is a flat ring made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel. Height is 25.5 inches - bucket and lid Height is 19.5 inches (bucket only) 14 1/4 width Grade A approved Empty weight of bucket: 15 pounds Left bucket in picture of 3 below Highly polished inside and out. Convenient pouring handle on side. Stainless steel ring on the bottom protects the pail bottom from damage or wear on concrete floors. Bottom of bucket is not polished. Carrying handle is short style compatable with DeLaval and similar style lids. This bucket interchanges with Hamby Dairy Supply Milking Machine buckets using stainless steel lids Also fits Coburn, Caprine Supply, Parts Dept, Interpuls, Team, Meltec and Ezee Grade A quality - Brand New Merchandise scroll down for more pictures