Large Blue Sydell Hay Rack - 48 inch

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One Heavy Duty wall mount hay rack for goats, sheep, calves, foals, cria. 
One Portable hay feeder that can be used in lambing / kidding pens, at fairs, or with a small group. Constructed of 1/4 and 1/2 inch rods this feeder will give you many years of hassle free use. Manger openings on 3 inch centers Dimensions are 47 X 12 X 19 3/4 inches. Can be mounted on a pipe (as shown below) or bolted to the wall. Hang on a gate or pen.
Large heavy duty mounting brackets have 1.5 inch opening. (see detail photos) Mount just high enough so animals can just reach it.
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Shipping weight 22 lbs each.   Ships oversize and the shipping calculator may not be accurate. 
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Made In USA by Sydell
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