Last One! - Lamb & Kid Feeder (Feeds 7)

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Last One! 

if this is sold out,

please order the 9276 feeder option


Kid lamb feeder for 7

Bucket feeder with cover 

  • for feeding up to 7 lambs or kids or cria
  • Volume: 30 litres or about 8 gallon
  • Cover included to keep flies out. (also available separately)
  • one large open trough with rounded corners, thus very easy to clean
  • Includes hardware for hanging on barn walls, feed barriers, fences, etc. (pipes up to maximum of 2 inches or 61 mm
  • Includes an easy to use rotary snap closure for attaching and securing to the tray
  • stackable
  • easy to transport
  • acid-proof
  • food safe
  • dimensions (L x W x H): 27.5 inches x 14 inches x 11 inches (mm; 700 x 354 x 278 mm)
  • Ships Oversize
  • Ships complete with 7 soft nipples (ref. 9274-6) and 7 Valves (ref. 9275-6) See links below to re-order 

Made in Germany


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• No Fly covers available at link below