Lid & GEA Pulsator Retro Kit for 2 Goat Bucket Milker with 2 milk inlets

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Stainless steel lid with GEA Vacupuls pulsator for Milking 2 goats at a time

Fits Hamby stainless steel machine buckets. Special lid design isolates the pulsator from the milk for easier cleaning of the lid while protecting the pulsator from milk contamination. Plus improves milk quality this German designed lid and pulsator combination allows the pulsator to get its vacuum source outside the bucket. Has 2 milk inlets for 5/8 I.D. milk hose. For milking 1 or 2 goats at at time. Lid is made of 304 stainless steel. Meets Grade A and FDA standards for USA and Canada Hamby's lid has two hooks on the top of the lid to hang your goat milking units while not in use. this keeps them off the dirty floor or milk stand. Hooks are made of stainless steel Requires a long handle (included in this kit) - easily replaced on Hamby buckets 30135, 30155, 30165, all Caprine Supply buckets, parts department stainless buckets, Ezee milking, coburn and schlueter buckets.


All parts available separately

7041-2700-570 Goat Pulsator DT90

7021-2627-020 Air Y for Westfalia Style buckets

1092 Hamby Lid for 2 goats

1041 Lid Gasket

30152 Long Handle for Hamby Stainless buckets


For Interpuls buckets, please specify and we will ship the Interpuls long handle in place of the Hamby long handle.