LobeBlast™ flushing detergent for Oil-Less vacuum pumps 5 gallon

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5 gallon
Sold each bucket
LobeBlast is a high-foam flushing detergent with visible cleaning benefits that will extend the life of your lobe pump and reduce breakdowns and emergency service repairs. Features & Benefits Reduces Build-Up - LobeBlast detergent helps to prevent milk vapors and C.I.P. mists that travel through the milking system (which are likely to pass beyond the pre-air filter to the vacuum pump) from building up on the pump. Since the pump runs hotter, these same vapors and mists end up baking proteins onto the rotors of the pump. This build-up will reduce internal tolerances, eventually causing the pump to get louder, “run roughâ€?, and increase the motor amperage until it starts kicking out the circuit breaker (or blowing the fuse). Ultimately, the buildup can seize the pump completely if routine cleaning with LobeBlast is not performed. Prevents or Reduces Service Calls - LobeBlast, with its mixture of surfactants and alkalinity, loosens and carries out dirt from the buildup, reducing expensive service repairs and downtime. According to internal studies, LobeBlast actually washes the surfaces within the lobe pump, while the leading competitive product only rinses the surfaces. LobeBlast helps the pump to run quieter and smoother. Regular cleaning with LobeBlast has been shown to lower the current draw of the lobe pump by as much as 10 amps. Increases Pump Longevity - Routine monthly use of LobeBlast is beneficial to the longevity of the pump, and should be used as an integral part of the pump’s maintenance schedule. Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor - LobeBlast helps to protects your investment by preventing rust and build-up on the pump, both internally and externally. LobeBlast can also be used to clean the grime off the pump’s exterior to increase shine.
Environmentally Friendly - A clean, phosphate-free product that is easily biodegradable in sanitary systems. Safe - Safe when used as directed.
Non-corrosive to stainless steel.
Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies Inc