Milk Cooling Tank - 90 gallon Milk Plan Vertical

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90 gallon  Milk cooling Tank
Meets 3A and Grade A standards for USA and Canada
Ideal for Goat, Sheep or very small cow dairy farms and micro dairy operations.
115 volts - 20 amp circuit - 60 HZ - Single Phase voltage.
Plugs into a 115V Standard USA electric Outlet.
2 Inch clamp style valve with a sloped bottom for complete emptying.
Digital temperature display and adjustable thermostat. (see photo)
Adjustable feet for easy leveling on sloped milk room floors.
7" hole in the lid  for inspection, sampling and milk straining.  (see photo)
Agitator stops turning when the lid is raised to open.
Dimensions: 40 inches Wide x 50 inches high
Height with lid open = 67 inches
Stainless Steel construction inside and outside with layer of insulation between the walls for maximum efficiency
Max Capacity: 87.7 Gallons

Min Capacity: 13.2 Gallons required to reach the agitator paddle and cover the cooling plate. (less than 13.2 gallon will cause the milk to freeze to the bottom and may damage the cooler.)
Please call to order.  Supplies are limited and frequently sell out. 

This item will ship LTL on a pallet via  Freight TRUCK with a range of cost from  $300 to $450 in the USA.






MP Series cooling tanks are available in 9 different capacities, covering a range from 14 Gallons to 285 Gallons 

Optional Chart recorder may be required - ask your milk inspector prior to purchase  
M-8824604 Temperature Chart Recorder recommended
For 2 or 4 milkings - 
Note: Tank is not to be filled more than 50% in 1 milking. 

Comes With:

Grade A Valve Kit with End Cap, Gaskets & Clamps

Dipstick & Calibration Chart

Instruction Book


MPV300 Imported 


Recommended detergent and brush for cleaning a links below

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