Milk Strainer Kit - large with 100 milk filters included

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This size discontinued by manufacturer - Limited Stock available
Replaced by the 3410 Strainer that is just a little bit smaller size
Top Quality 
100 Milk filters (6.5 inch) are included (brand may be Tuffy or KenAg - pictured filters also discontinued)
Smooth, polished stainless steel strainer
Top O.D. is 14 inches
Bottom O.D. is 6 inches
10 inches high
Imported from Germany
Note:  care must be taken when washing this strainer. 
Harsh chemicals and chemicals residues will damage the stainless steel ( and all 304 type stainless steel)
Please wash with a good detergent and rinse well.   dry on a rack.
Do not soak in chlorinated solution or acid solution.  
No warranty for damage from improper use of chemicals 
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Note this item and any items used in milk handling, storage or processing are not returnable