Nupulse 1 or 2 Cow Bucket Milker System complete includes wash package - Free Shipping

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1 or 2 cow Bucket Milker assy with vacuum pump. USA or international voltage


Stainless Steel Bucket with 1 or 2 Nupulse cow milking units and complete wash package. Choose 1 or 2 cow version above. 

Simplicity in a portable milking system is a must. It has to be easy to transport, use, clean and maintain. These are some of the reasons the NuPulse Portable Milker System has become widely used by large and small dairies, and show people. But the biggest reason for the unit’s popularity is the way it milks. Gentle, fast and clean are words most users use to describe the milking performance of the NuPulse Milker. 

The NuPulse Standard Milker Unit is the ultimate in simplicity and 
performance. The unique vacuum operated pulsator can be 
completely disassembled and rebuilt without tools. The pulsation 
rate is adjustable and it is so simple that even inexperienced people 
find it easy to understand and to work with. It is also very easy to 
handle because it only has one hose, the milk hose. The pulsator is 
built into the claw and operates from the vacuum supplied to it 
through the milk hose. As a result, there are no troublesome electrical 
pulsators or controls, and there is no clutter of hoses and wires. 

NuPulse vacuum system consists of a heavy duty 3/4 HP 
electric motor and vacuum pump, mounted on a stainless steel moisture 
trap and vacuum reserve tank. An oil-less type vacuum pump with 
adjustable regulator and vacuum gauge is direct-coupled to the motor. 
The powerful yet quiet vacuum pump has enough capacity to operate up 
to 2 milker units for simultaneous milking. The motor is supplied with 
a 9 foot three-wire power cord for 120 volt operation. It can also be 
wired for 220 volt, 50 or 60 hertz electrical operation. The handle 
makes it easier for lifting and the wide supports on the bottom make it 
stable even on irregular floors or ground surfaces. 

Hamby wash package makes cleaning your milking machine quick and easy. This package includes all the hardware and supplies you need to properly clean your NuPulse milker. The mixing faucet is included. You will need to mount the faucet and run hot and cold water to it. 
The room you wash in must be freeze proof. 

Hangers are included to store the buckets between milkings. They allow the buckets to drip dry upside down to reduce water spots. 

Package Includes; 

NuPulse 3/4hp vacuum system 

1 or 2 - NuPulse cow bucket assembly 

1 or 2 - NuPulse CIP Claw & Milk Hose Washer for cow milker 

1 or 2 - Hanger for stainless steel bucket 

1 - Stainless Steel sink with choice of legs or wall brackets (shown below) 

1 - Mixing faucet (shown below) 

1 - pail of Duophan powder detergent (shown below) 

4 - gallon Citrophos acid detergent/rinse (shown below) 

3 - dairy cleaning brushes 

Hamby udder supply package 

- Strip Cup 
- CMT Kit 
- Teat Dip 
- Teat Dipper 
- Teat Wipes 

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Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico please call for shipping quote. 

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