NuPulse 2 Goat Bucket Milker Complete - Large SS bucket with 3/4 NuPulse Vacuum Supply - Free Shipping

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NuPulse 2 goat milker with a large stainless steel bucket. Complete with all supplies needed to milk and wash. *** UPS Shippable


Milk 2 goats at a time with this NuPulse large bucket Goat Milker - UPS SHIPPABLE

Complete goat milking machine includes one large stainless steel bucket set up with 2 NuPulse Goat Milkers.

NuPulse washer is included. Washer bracket allows you to wash the milker units and hoses in the upright position like they were on the goat. Keeps the wash water out of the pulsator. (see details at the washer link below)

NuPulse milkers are a simple New Zealand design with the pulsator built right onto the top of the milker claw.


Supplies for cleaning milker and udder care.

Features NuPulse 3/4 hp HD vacuum supply. Small quiet & portable. Includes a stainless steel overflow vacuum tank. Efficient Oil - less Electric Motor runs on 110 volt household current. Some assembly required.

Stainless Steel Goat Milking Bucket Assembly comes with stainless steel lid for milking 2 goats. (3 x 5/8 ports) Large stainless steel milking bucket, 2 NuPulse Goat Claws as shown below, and all necessary tubes and hoses to milk 2 goats. 1 year warranty.

Our milking machines come with everything you need to milk and a cleaning kit that includes powder dairy detergent and dairy brushes Pfanzite dairy detergent and brushes Milk Check Teat Wipes Teat Dip, dip cup, strip cup and more.

New to milking machines? Included are a 30 day supply of cleaning detergent, 3 dairy brushes and cleaning instructions so you can keep your milker clean and sanitary. You probably wanted dairy goats so you can have fresh clean safe milk. Proper cleaning and maintenance of a milking machine is vital to ensure safe bacteria free milk. MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES A cleansing wipe impregnated with .5% chlorhexidine gluconate and 9.0% isopropyl alcohol for premilking teat preparation. Wipes are thick, durable and gentle, measuring 8 in. x 8 in. One bucket of 600 Milk Check brand teat wipes

Use these wipes for prepping your dairy goats prior to milking. Also useful for sanitizing milkers hands.

Prevention is the most important facet of a Mastitis Management program. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In addition to all the nutrition, environmental hygiene, milking machine maintenance, and other practices, effective udder prep is paramount for udder health.

Fast and easy. Simply pull a pre-soaked towel out of the top of the bucket, wipe the entire teat area, and the cow, goat or sheep is prepped for milking.

Prepping goats is fast and effective; teats dry in seconds.

Helps to promote milk letdown.

Each towel contains skin conditioning agents.

Teats are clean, soft, conditioned, and dry. Nothing to mix, nothing to measure

MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES are also great for taking to livestock shows. Use to clean your hands and spot clean the animals.

This milking machine package is an excellent choice for all large breeds of goats including Nubian, Alpine, Oberhasli, Swiss, Toggenburg, Lamancha, Saanen and common cross breds.

Included udder health kit and cleaning supplies as shown below.

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