NuPulse Full Flo Cow Milker Unit with shutoff for herringbone parlor 12100+12360

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505-12100np- complete
Milker as shown with Shells, inflations, and short air tubes

this unit recommended for parallel milking parlors and bucket milking units


4 - mz20705 NuPulse Shells

4 - mz10055 Full Flow inflations for 1/2 inch milk inlets

4 - mz13160 short air hoses

Designed to handle extremely high flow rates while maintaining stable vacuum at teat end. With 1/2" I.D. inlets and a 3/4" outlet, the FulFlo claw bowl has flow capacity exceeding the capabilities of the highest producing and fastest milking cows. The unique conical shape of the bowl funnels milk directly to the outlet and the steeper exit angle of the outlet causes milk to rapidly collect and move out of the claw into the line. The rapid milk evacuation helps maintain a more stable teat end vacuum which is critical to fast milking.

The design of the bowl coupled with the unique pulsation function which speeds up as milk flow increases, produces an extremely fast but gentle milking action. The results are normally faster milking, better udder and teat health and higher milk production.

Use with 5/8 ID milk hose such as 1090-096

Spare Parts available at the link below