Nupulse Standard Bucket Milker for cows

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1 Cow Bucket Milker assembly

Without vacuum pump (Pump is Required)


Please call to check availability as NuPulse is very short on parts


7 Gallon Bucket Milker with NuPulse cow milking unit. Stainless Steel or Plastic bucket.

NuPulse claw with pulsator built into the top

The NuPulse Standard Milker Unit is the ultimate in simplicity and performance. The unique vacuum operated pulsator can be completely disassembled and rebuilt without tools. The pulsation rate is adjustable and it is so simple that even inexperienced people find it easy to understand and to work with. It is also very easy to handle because it only has one hose, the milk hose. The pulsator is built into the claw and operates from the vacuum supplied to it through the milk hose. As a result, there are no troublesome electrical pulsators or controls, and there is no clutter of hoses and wires.

New Zealand Design. Assembled in USA with parts from USA, New Zealand & China.

This item normally ships from Hamby Dairy Supply in Missouri in a 15x15x30 box

Vacuum Pump not included but required.

The complete milker system with vacuum pump, CIP washer and supplies is available at the link shown below.