Oxycide Pre Teat Dip - 5 gallon bucket

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OxyCide® Peroxide Sanitizing Teat Dip
In Stock - 5 gallon bucket -  other sizes available.
Use at full strength. Do not dilute.
Pre Dipping: Before milking, dip, spray or foam each teat withOxyCide.
After 15 to 30 seconds, dry each teat thoroughly with a single service towel.
If the udder and teats are heavily soiled, wash with a sanitizing solution and dry before application of OxyCide.
OxyCide is a peroxide sanitizing teat dip with quick-kill ability during the pre-milking process. This aids in reducing infectious or environmental pathogens that can lead to mastitis.
• Fast, Broad-Spectrum Germicidal Kill1% Hydrogen Peroxide formula results in a 15-second kill time, effective against key mastitis-related organisms, such as Staph.aureus, Strep.uberis and E.coli.
• More Visible Formula Increased viscosity over similar hydrogen peroxide formulas used for the milking process. Visible on teats during pre-dipping, yet easily removed.
• Contains Skin Conditioning Ingredients Proprietary formula includes 5% Glycerin to prevent skin irritation. Also contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), used inmany cosmetics, which can help with skin healing.
• Unbuffered Low pH Helps enhance the germicidal activity of the product,and adjusts to the pH of the skin on contact
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Works well with Spray Systems
Works well in dipping applications
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