Rebuilt / Used 2 Goat Bucket Milker with 5 gallon Grade A stainless steel bucket

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Not a complete milker -  Read entire description before ordering


1 available December 1 2022


Milk 2 goats at a time with this rebuilt bucket milker. 


- used 5 gallon Delaval bucket

- used stainless steel lid with new 1053 lid gasket

- New Interpuls pulsator & mount

- New ITP 205 Goat milking assemblies all new components including silicone hoses

- all non stainless steel milk contact components are new

 This milker arrives set up to milk 1 goat at a time.  To milk 2 goats, simply remove the 2 hose plugs and install the second ITP205 milking assembly.

** Vacuum supply required but not included.** 

- Silicone Milk Hose is the safest purest milk hose available. Longer life than plastic hose. 

Excellent choice for family goat herds or to take to the show. 


5 gallon Grade A Stainless Steel bucket & lid - Used Delaval seamless bucket

Repair parts for all components are in stock available from Hamby Dairy Supply. 

You will need a vacuum supply to make this a complete milking machine 

1085 bucket hanger recommended but not included 

Assembled in USA at Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri

Dec 2022

This item is not returnable.