Rebuilt / Used 2 Goat ITP207 Bucket Milker with 5 gallon Grade A stainless steel bucket

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Not a complete milker -  Read entire description before ordering


1 available July 24, 2023


Milk 2 goats at a time with this rebuilt bucket milker. 


- used 5 gallon Delaval bucket

- used stainless steel lid with new 1053 silicone lid gasket

- New Interpuls pulsator & mount

- New ITP 207 Goat milking assemblies all new components including silicone hoses

- all non stainless steel milk contact components are new

 This milker arrives set up to milk 1 goat at a time.  To milk 2 goats, simply remove the 2 hose plugs and install the second ITP207 milking assembly.

** Vacuum supply required but not included.** 

- Silicone Milk Hose is the safest purest milk hose available. Longer life than plastic hose. 

Excellent choice for family goat herds or to take to the show. 


5 gallon Grade A Stainless Steel bucket & lid - Used Delaval seamless bucket has some milkstone.  we cleaned it but it is recommended the buyer give it another soak and scrubbing.

Repair parts for all components are in stock available from Hamby Dairy Supply. 

You will need a vacuum supply to make this a complete milking machine 

1085 bucket hanger recommended but not included 

Assembled and Tested at Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri USA

Listed July 24, 2023

This item is not returnable.