Repair Parts for Bou-Matic® FR4 Vacuum Pump

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For larger body FR4 vacuum pumps used in dairy barns and milking systems. Originally sold by Strangko and Bou-Matic Pump body is approx 12 inches long. Vanes are 11 inches long. Double check model prior to ordering Complete rebuild kit includes 4 high quality long life Kevlar vanes, 2 bearings and 2 shaft seals. Set of vanes also available separately above. Note that vanes should be rectangle shape. if one side is worn more than the other, you should change them imediately. If a vane breaks, it can destroy one of these pumps FR4 Vacuum pump specs (5 HP) - 48 CFM - 1500 RPM - 7.25 inch pump pulley - 6.25 inch Motor pulley - 5 hp motor 5 hp motor available at link below Repair parts are not made or sold by Bou-Matic®. They are quality aftermarket parts sold satisfaction guaranteed.