Sale! 4 inch Cohesive Flexible Bandage sold each - Choice of colors

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Self adhesive - sticks to itself but not the animals skin or hair.
Cohesive Flexible Bandage.
Sold Each 
8lbs. tensile strength
sticks to itself but not the animals skin or hair
Maintains original shape and size
Provides consistent lightweight compression Breathable, yet durable construction
4"x 5 yds (stretched) 4"x 2.2 yds (unstretched)
Colors available: Blue, Hunter Green, Neon Pink, Yellow, White, Black, Surge Orange, Red and Natural
Similar to 3M Vetrap (Coflex) bandage Used by dairy farmers, beef ranchers, veterinarians, animal trainers dog and cat kennels and any others that treat animal wounds Satisfaction guaranteed. Uses include - Protects horses' legs - Stop bleeding by applying pressure with our cohesive bandage over gauze. - Supports sprains - Holds sterile dressings in place - provide firm support for fractures with out cutting off circulation - Allows limb movement without loosening - Won't stick to hair - Allows skin to breathe through its cool, lightweight, porous material.