SOld! Aristo-Craft UP Union Pacific Ge-U25b Diesel Locomotive - G scale - used in good condition

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Good used condition.  

U.P Union Pacific GE - Aristocraft diesel locomotive. 

From an estate. 

Road number 629

Tested forward + reverse

ships in aristo Box but not the UP label


Made by Aristocraft

***only 1 available***

Old Stock - display item - some trim parts may have come loose and would require re-gluing.  

Overall  good shape.   

G Scale Garden Train Locomotive  for indoor and outdoor use

1:29 scale length.  Highly Detailed

Free shipping to 48 usa states via UPS ground.  

highly detailed and well-equipped rolling stock that are made to run outdoors.  
Weather-resistant construction

Box Length: 26 inches 
Box Weight: 12 pounds 

Ships Oversize.  Insurance and shipping are included

at time of listing,  various g scale Rock Island, Sante Fe UP and others road name rolling stock are in stock including LGB, Aristocraft, and USA Trains    call 816-449-1314 to check inventory 

History of UB25-b

The U25B was GE’s (General Electric) first "Universal" road switcher, nicknamed U-Boat, it was the first commercially successful domestic diesel electric road locomotive designed, built, and sold exclusively by General Electric after its split with the American Locomotive Company (Alco). The GE Universal Series started production in 1956 and some 400 export locomotives were sold before the U25B was offered in the United States.

The GE U-Boat introduced many innovations to the U.S. diesel locomotive market, including a pressurized car body and a centralized air processing system that provided filtered air to the engine and electrical cabinet, thus reducing maintenance. The U25B was also the highest-horsepower four-axle diesel road locomotive in the U.S. at the time of its introduction.

The "U" was designated by GE as its Universal series and the U25B was the first to be labeled as a "U-boat" by railfans. The company's classification system was very straightforward; "U" of course, regarded Universal; "25" designated the horsepower rating, 2,500; and "B" referred to the unit being a four-axle, B-B truck design.

A relatively light locomotive for a road switcher, weighing just 126 tons, it could produce excellent tractive effort for its size; 75,000 pounds starting and 64,000 pounds continuous.

GE produced 478 units from 1959 to 1966.

Rock Island purchased 39 of the GE U25B locomotives from 1963-1965. Union Pacific purchased 16 from 1961 to 1962. Santa Fe purchased 16 in 1962-1963. L&N (Louisville & Nashville) purchased 27 in 1963 and 1964.

Only 7 survive. The remaining 7 U25B locomotives are in museums, as most were retired or scrapped at the end of their service life by the end of the 1980s.