Sold Out - Surge® single pulsator permanent mount

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Limited rebuilt in stock.  - call for availability
***New Pulsators discontinued by GEA***
Single pulsator for Surge 24 volt pulsation systems
Choose rebuilt above
Rebuilt pulsators are cleaned, new kit installed and tested
OEM Surge pulsator kit and coil shown in detail images
Works with cow, goat, or sheep milking systems 
Use with Surge single pulsation hose - item number 7750-0221-537
Requires a 21279 or 21280 pulsation control
Spare parts available at links below
7750-0010-294 coil 7750-0010-481 kit
While the parts remain available, new pulsators are built with Original GEA parts at Hamby Dairy Supply because they are no longer available new from GEA
Rebuilt pulsators are built with new and used OEM original parts at the Hamby Dairy Supply service center in Maysville Missouri