Sold Out - Used/Rebuilt DeLaval Super Claw Lite

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Sold Out
- Super Value on Delaval® Super Flo Vu
- Super Value on Delaval® Flo Vu style Super claws. Tops have the plastic air divider similar to the one shown below for spare parts. cover photo to the left is not accurate; these are the Lite claws not the heavy original claw. Top, shells and other components may be aftermarket parts. all excellent quality.
Includes component items as pictured to the left:
  • -5/8 outlet for milk hose 
  • 9/32 twin pulsation 
  • good used 06 shells with strong rolled top edge,
  • new IDO1A liners
  • new short air tubes
Suggested Replacement Parts available separately: 
  • 1100-022 ID01A Narrow Bore Liners
  • 1090-204 9/32 x 7.5 inch short air tubes
  • 7750-0220-527 5/8 plastic milk hose
  • 1090-096 5/8 silicone milk hose
  • 7750-0112-618 9/32 twin pulsation hose
  • 10878 bottom kit with shutoff
  • 1010-861 vent ring
  • Other spare parts available