Spare Parts Kit for NuPulse Full Flow Cow Bucket Milker

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Spare parts kit for NuPulse Full Flow Cow bucket milker
Includes silicone milk hose Silicone stays flexible in extreme cold and is preferred by many raw milk advocates. Silicone will not work with the NuPulse pinch valve.
Order 21918 valve (shown below) for silicone milk hose. 
- (4) MZ10055 Liners (inflations) note; these have larger milk tube specifically for the Full Flow milker
- (4) MZ13160 short air tubes
- (3) foot 1090-096  Silicone Milk Hose
- (1) 1053 lid gasket
- (8) foot of 5/8 clear vacuum tubing. (Note that only NuPulse buckets use 5/8 I.D. vacuum Hose.) 1090-005
Packaged by Hamby Dairy Supply in Maysville Missouri
Items made in USA and New Zealand