Spare Parts Kit for Surge® Bucket - Cow Wide Bore Inflations

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Replacement parts kit for Surge Bucket Milker.
For Cow milking.
  • Genuine Surge Wide Bore Inflations 10094 for larger size teats. 7750-2902-094 (Fits stainless shells shown at link below)
  • Genuine Surge Air tubes 7750-2902-451
  • Genuine long life Original thick lid gasket 7750-2902-455
  • 8 foot clear vacuum hose. Thick wall with blue stripe. We provide clear hose so you can see if it needs cleaning or replacing. Plugged up vacuum hoses are a common cause of pulsator failure. 4328
This kit will put your bucket milker back in service or make your antique shine!
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Stainless steel shell is not included. - see link below
All items are available individually
For instructions, history and more information about the surge bucket milker, go to
This item is not returnable. Double check inflation style prior to ordering. old sku 501-10175KW
Original Parts by GEA Farm Technologies Inc
Note,  This kit is not returnable to insure prevention of cross contamination from one farm to another.