Standard Goat Base for NuPulse Goat Claw

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NuPulse item number MZ10106
Replacement Standard goat base for NuPulse Goat Claw
#16 on diagram
Original Parts
10101 NuPulse Goat Claw
Spare Parts for NuPulse Goat Claw;
10101NP  Orginal NP Goat Claw
MZ10006 Top Dome
MZ10019 Pulsator Rebuild Kit
MZ10100 Middle for NP Goat Claw
MZ10106 Base for NP Goat claw
MZ13160 air tubes
MZ10050 NP original rubber goat inflations
MZ10047NP   NP Stainless Steel Lightweight Goat Shell
4710  Silicone Goat Inflations - set of 2
4707 Clear plastic goat shell for 4710 aka 0/300 goat inflations
505-GS1k - With shells and inflations
505-GS30135  - 1 goat milker bucket assembly
4770 - 1 Goat milker complete with vacuum system