Surge Family Cow Bucket Milker - Complete 1 or 2 cow system (Gas or Electric HD vacuum) - Free Shipping

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Family Cow Milker featuring a Surge Bucket - Complete Includes everything you need except the cow! Grade A model

Choose vacuum system above;


HD vacuum system is large enough for 1 or 2 buckets, so you can add a second bucket in the future. 



with 7100 HD electric vacuum system

with 7400 Gasoline powered vacuum system

Choose 1 or 2 buckets above. 

if you will not ever milk more than 1 cow, then scroll down to the 4301 link with our smaller vacuum system that uses less energy and costs less. 

More pictures in detail images at left 

Condition: New, Used & Rebuilt Items 

Milk one cow at a time with this complete milking machine. 
Includes everything needed to milk, and wash your milking machine 
Plus supplies for prepping the cow's udder for milking 
Milking Equipment: 

The Surge Bucket Milker. 

Condition. Rebuilt with NEW Interpuls pulsator. Surge Bucket Milker Complete & reconditioned. Grade A seamless model. Includes new Interpuls pulsator. New silicone inflations and air tubes. New lid gasket. Cleaned, Sanitized, and tested. New Clear Vacuum hose. New Surcingle strap to hang the bucket on. Clean Used stainless steel bucket hanger included too. 

One of the biggest advantages was the ability to easily clean and sanitize the Surge. No long milk tubing to try and keep sanitary. "Only 4 pieces of rubber to wash" "Only 4 inches from the teat to the pail" 

"Occasionally the teat cups come off the teats; the engine stops, or the cow jumps or for some reason they come off. On an ordinary machine they land on the floor and time must be taken to wash them before milking can proceed. On the Surge, they simply swing down against the pail, away from the floor, out of the dirt. On the usual type of machine if the cups fall to the floor with the pump running they suck up filth and spoil the milk in the pail - this may happen once a day or once a month. On the Surge it never happens at all because the Surge cup automatically shuts off the instant it drops from the teat." - from 1924 sales book on the Surge Milker. Just as valid for family cows today as it was then. If you milk in an environment that is sometimes dirty, the Surge Milker is an excellent choice for your family cow. If you have less than ideal conditions for washing your milking machine, then the Surge is a great solution for producing your farm fresh milk. 

The Surge Bucket Milker was the number 1 selling milking machine in North America in the past century until pipeline milking took over the market for commercial dairy farms. For more details and history of the Surge Bucket Milker, go to 

Vacuum Pump - Our HD portable vacuum supply has an electric motor (or gas), a Conde vapor oil #3 belt drive vacuum pump, gauge, regulator, and stallcock (valve for hooking up vacuum hose to bucket assy). Excellent pump for a family cow or home dairy use. 

Want to add a 2nd bucket? No modifications needed. The cart is plumbed for 2 buckets. Just order a second bucket, attach the vacuum hose and you are ready to milk 2 at a time. 

New to milking machines? 

Included is a 30 day supply of cleaning detergent, 2 dairy brushes and cleaning instructions so you can keep your milker clean and sanitary. You probably wanted a family cow so you can have fresh clean safe milk. Proper cleaning and maintenance of a milking machine is vital to ensure safe bacteria free milk. 

Cleaning detergent is Pfanzite powder detergent 

Also included is an udder health kit. This includes tools for checking your milk and sanitizing the udder before and after milking. 

A strip cup for checking the milk for mastitis 
a gallon of WestfaliaSurge TeatKote 10/III teat dip. Our #1 selling teat dip, Teat Kote® 10/III is a 1% Iodine teat dip, formulated with a 10% emollient system which includes glycerin, lanolin and a special therapeutic ingredient for superior skin conditioning. 
a dip cup is included for applying the TeatKote 10/III after milking. 
MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES A cleansing wipe for premilking teat preparation. Wipes are thick, durable and gentle, measuring 8 in. x 8 in. One bucket of 700 Milk Check brand teat wipes Fresh new stock. 
Use this item for prepping your family cow, dairy goat or dairy sheep prior to milking. also useful for sanitizing milkers hands. 

Prevention is the most important facet of a Mastitis Management program. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In addition to all the nutrition, environmental hygiene, milking machine maintenance, and other practices, effective udder prep is paramount for udder health. 

Fast and easy. Simply pull a pre-soaked towel out of the top of the bucket, wipe the entire teat area, and the cow, goat or sheep is prepped for milking. 

Prepping cows is fast and effective; teats dry in seconds. 

Helps to promote milk letdown. 

Each towel contains skin conditioning agents. 

Teats are clean, soft, conditioned, and dry. 

Nothing to mix, nothing to measure 

MILK CHECK TEAT WIPES are also great for taking to livestock shows. Use to clean your hands, spot clean the animals and prep prior to milking. 

Milk Check brand refills available from Hamby Dairy Supply ebay store. 

The Family Cow 

a book by Dirk van Loon. 352 pages. The essential how-to guide for anyone who decides to keep a cow. Practical, fully-illustrated chapters with accurate information on buying, behavior, nutrition, breeds, handling, feeding, milking, healthcare, calving, and growing feed crops. 

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