10 mm I.D. Silicone Hose for GEA Top Flow Z Goat & Sheep Milkers Full roll

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Silicone Milk Hose
10 mm I.D.
19 mm O.D.
similar to 9716  7/16 ID silicone milk hose
25 meter roll
used on GEA WestfalaiaSurge Top Flow Z goat and sheep milking units
Made in Germany
same silicone tubing as 7036-2637-030
4876  TopFlo Z Goat Milking assembly
4875  TopFlo Z Sheep Milking assembly
GEA 7036-2637-030 piece
GEA 7750-0220-520 roll
10-35520 RJB / Ambic quarter milkers
Ezee 25102
November 2022