Sale! 24 Plate Single Pass New Zealand Plate Cooler

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Plate Heat Exchanger PHE Plate Cooler

Last One in this small size!

  • 24 Stainless steel plates.
  • Single Pass
  • Nitrile gaskets
  • Cast aluminum end plates.
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Highly efficient 
  • Only power needed is to open a water valve. You save electric costs for cooling and compressor life.
  • 58 pounds
  • M300
  • Made in New Zealand

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Width 6.1 inches
Length 13.7 inches
Height 25 inches

Used on dairy farms, food processing plants and other places that need to instantly cool liquid products.

Works by running cold water through one side of the thin stainless steel plates and warm milk (or what ever product you are cooling) on the other side. Your product will come out about 3 degrees warmer than input water supply. For example 50 degree well water can yield 53 degree product temperature. If you use chilled water at 34 degrees you can achieve 37 degree product. 1.5 to 2 gallon of water are reccomended per 1 gallon of product that you are cooling.

Cooling rate dependent upon volume of product to be cooled and available water supply. Other PHE sizes available.

Plates are manufactured from 304 bright annealed stainless steel and offer excellent mechanical integrity. Our plates also fit DeLaval P-30, Universal, Exacta, Top Line, Dairy Xpress, Team, Meltec, and Schlueter Plate Coolers. Gaskets are high quality food grade nitrile.

End plates are painted cast aluminum with stainless steel plate on working side of endcap.

This is a very efficient device. only power needed is to open a water valve. You save electric costs for cooling and compressor life.

To change plate numbers or configuration, undo the four swing bolts and push them aside. Undo the locking nuts on the end frame and remove end frame. Add or subtract the required number of plates by sliding plates onto the spacer rods. Replace the end frames, close in the swing bolts and gradually tighten the nuts.

The following guideline may be used to obtain the correct tension:
Approximate distance between end frames = number of plates x 3 mm
(0.118 inches).
Heat exchanger comes with 1.5 inch clamp (triclamp, tri clamp, tri clover style) milk connection and 1 inch NPT water connection of stainless threaded pipe. (solenoid water valve available below)

NO WASTE! the water that exits the PHE can be sent to your livestock to drink. Cows goats and sheep love it! Warm water can also be used for cleaning.

Requires a potable water supply, water solenoid valve (sold separately or provide your own). 1.5" stainless steel Triclover fittings for product hookup. (a complete listing of new and used stainless steel pipeline fittings and other milker parts are available from hambydairysupply)

This unit is compatible with most pipeline milking systems and all milk coolers including Mueller, Surge, Westfalia, DeLaval, Alfa Laval, Bou-Matic, and Universal.  Replaces Team Meltec

Excellent replacement for Tube Coolers and Surge Cube coolers

Replacement parts listed below